Tracy Hazzard

Tony and Betsy have been helping CEOs listen to their customers for nearly 20 years. Their book is a C-Suite Must Read.

Vincent C Lewis

“In the Rarest Advantage, Betsy and Tony outline the process for ensuring a long-term strategic partnership with your key accounts. By connecting with the C-Suite of your most valued customers, and cultivating and developing relationships through well-managed Customer Advisory Boards, your organization can go from just being another vendor to being a key long-term, strategic… Continue reading Vincent C Lewis

Nicole Glenn

“As a business owner, reading The Rarest Advantage showed me that I was analyzing my client relationships all wrong. It made me analyze my company, my team, my clients, and myself. While focused on leadership and bringing value as my primary role, this book helped me identify the changes I could bring to my company… Continue reading Nicole Glenn

David Jacques

Truly one of the best business strategy books I have come across and a must-read for business leaders.

Mark S.A. Smith

This book deserves a place on every executive’s desk to be read, reread, and frequently referred to. Pass up these ideas at your peril.

Alex Raymond

“In The Rarest Advantage, Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh provide a roadmap for how to build deep, meaningful, value-led relationships that create win-win outcomes for you and your customers. They share a timely and insightful guide into critical tools like Customer Advisory Boards, executive engagement, and aligning with your customer’s goals. This book will help… Continue reading Alex Raymond

Chris Kuenne

“Westhafer and Bodoh have distilled their decades of customer development expertise into a pragmatic and stepwise guide to building, cultivating, and institutionalizing strategic customer relationships. This is a must-read for members of the C-Suite who seek outsized growth and impact with their most important customers.”

Marge Murphy

“As a service organization, customer retention is extremely important. I was looking for a tool that would challenge us to rethink our strategy. By taking Congruity’s Customer Engagement Survey we were delivered just what I was looking for! The assessment defined areas of strength but more importantly opportunities for improvement. The results clearly stated observations and recommendations… Continue reading Marge Murphy

Juli Clark

“I’ve worked with Congruity on two Executive Boards and they are exceptional partners who take ownership and focus on the meeting goals and expectations. Our most recent meeting far exceeded expectations and not only did our board members get value, but our C-level walked away with ways to improve the overall Customer Experience. From strategizing,… Continue reading Juli Clark

Joe Makoid

“As someone who has built and sold multiple companies, I can say with certainty that a Customer Advisory Board is one of the best investments an organization can make to ensure long term growth and sustainability. I have witnessed The Congruity Group’s world-class delivery of a critical initiative for the C-Suite, and I highly recommend… Continue reading Joe Makoid