Customer Engagement Assessment

How do you know if you are REALLY engaged with your key customers?

As a B2B senior leader of Marketing, Customer Success, or Sales, focused on initiatives that will ensure the continued growth of your organization, you monitor a multitude of metrics. These metrics may include qualified leads, churn, or renewals and expansion. But do you have a real and tangible way of measuring your ability to meaningfully and strategically engage with your key customers?

Until now, it’s been a matter of gut feel as to whether your customer engagement activities are existent, consistent, and effective. The innovative Congruity Customer Engagement Score™ and Assessment, provides you with a better understanding of how well your organization leverages key customer relationships, and simultaneously build success metrics to ensure that this critical strategy is not only executed, but executed well now and into the future. 

Customer engagement done right requires a coordinated, methodical, and managed process. Our assessment is an essential component that provides a baseline customer engagement score and recommendations on how to improve the ways you’re currently deploying this mission critical strategy of strategic customer engagement.

The Customer Engagement Assessment examines eight critical areas of B2B customer engagement and the impact of your existing strategy and management. You will receive engagement scores for each focus area, as well as a comprehensive Customer Engagement Score that measures the effectiveness of your current approach.

The eight tenets include:

A well designed and flawlessly executed customer engagement strategy creates loyal customers, extreme competitive advantage, and predictable profits beyond any other business strategy. The customer’s commitment to you is a direct result of your commitment to them.

Included in the Customer Engagement Assessment:

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Added Bonus: Along with your Customer Engagement Score and customized Report of Observations and Recommendations, you will receive a 30-minute consultation and review of your assessment results with our Customer Engagement Strategists. This is not a sales call. It’s an opportunity for you to gain a deeper understanding of the output of your assessment and what it means for the continued success of your organization.

FAQ for Customer Engagement Score™ and Assessment

We recommend identifying 5 leaders in these areas:

  • Executive Leader 
  • Marketing 
  • Product 
  • Sales 
  • Strategic Account Director or Manager

This balanced mix of participants will help us identify any areas of misalignment. 

We recommend taking the assessment first to establish a baseline, and then once per year as you begin to implement your customer engagement strategies. This will provide you with data to actively monitor the advancement of your customer engagement activities.
By having a methodical and measurable approach to strategic customer engagement, you are better equipped to retain and grow customers, gain valuable insights to help guide your decision-making, and leverage key customer relationships to create advocates for your brand. This systematic approach is rare in the marketplace and will result in a significant competitive advantage.
The Congruity Group is solely focused on customer engagement strategies. If you would like to discuss those options, please feel free to initiate that conversation on your complimentary consultation call with one of our Customer Engagement Strategists to determine if we’re a fit.

Below is a sample of the Summary page of the Report. The rest of the report dives into what is behind the numbers, and includes observations and recommendations on how to enhance your key customer engagement strategy moving forward.

Until now, it’s been difficult to measure how well your team performs with regard to strategic customer engagement. The Congruity Customer Engagement Assessment is your tool for ensuring that you are consistently inproving in this critcal area of a customer-focused organization.