SAMA and Congruity:

A Match Made in Heaven

Our team at The Congruity Group is proud to partner with the Strategic Account Management Association to bring products and services to serve the members of the SAMA community. The synergies that we have discovered between our respective organizations are compelling, and together we have very lofty goals to continue elevating the world of strategic account management.

As SAMA members ourselves, we are committed to bringing the highest level of service and engagement to our peers in the community. We look forward to meeting you, serving you, and supporting your priorities with regard to your strategic customer engagement initiatives.

An Exciting New Member Benefit

In 2023, in partnership with Congruity, SAMA announced a new member benefit available to both corporate and individual members of SAMA. 

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This new benefit, the Congruity Customer Engagement Assessment™, is available at no cost to members, and provides a benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of strategic customer engagement initiatives. In addition, Congruity offers multiple customer engagement initiatives to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Our offerings include:
More detailed information on these offerings can be found in the Services section of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Ideation Lab is an opportunity for an organization to leverage the expertise of subject matter experts to brainstorm and refine innovative solutions to industry challenges and opportunities. Consider the Ideation Lab as an extension of your R&D team, utilizing the knowledge and experience of industry experts to help co-create the future. 

Congruity works alongside clients to clearly identify the focus and desired outcomes for the Ideation Lab, and then executes a proven methodology for bringing the right minds to the table. The key is to have a balance of perspectives. This may include soliciting input from practitioners, business leaders, and potential customers.
During the Discovery phase of the Ideation Lab, key stakeholders are interviewed to determine the direction of the conversations as well as the desired outcomes. Based on the findings, topics and sessions are expertly designed to ensure that the initiative delivers the level of success that is expected.
At Congruity, we pride ourselves on doing as much of the heavy lifting as possible on behalf of our clients. With that in mind, we assemble teams on both sides to allow everyone the ability to use their time efficiently. Generally speaking, we form the internal team to include an Executive Champion, Executive Sponsor, Program Manager, and Logistics Coordinator. The working team meets weekly or bi-monthly depending upon the phase of the project, while the executive stakeholders are engaged as needed for strategic direction and decision-making.
At the conclusion of the Ideation Lab, a full report is compiled and presented to the key stakeholders of the project. Within this report is an action plan based on the conversations, objectives, and vision for the future. From there, owners will be assigned to move the agreed-upon initiatives forward.
By engaging your key industry stakeholders in an Ideation Lab, you have the opportunity to co-innovate the future with the best and brightest in your market. This helps to position your organization as the innovation leaders that change the trajectory of your industry.