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Meet The Congruity Team

The experienced team at Conguity lives by our core value that we exist to serve our clients well. With exceptional customer engagement experience across the entire team, you can be assured that you will have the finest program managers and strategists flawlessly designing and executing your customer engagement initiatives. We are passionate. We are committed. And we are 100% focused on delivering an extraordinary ROI.

Betsy Westhafer


Dena Leisure

Director, Operations

Gary Williams

Vice President, Operations

Gordon Galzerano

Senior Strategist and Facilitator

Jason Jones

Strategic Partnership Advisor

Juli Clark


Lonnie Essex

Vice President, Sales

Marge Murphy

Senior Strategist and Facilitator

Melissa Marks

Chief Experience Officer

Renee Citera

Senior Executive Consultant

Shawn D. Dan


Stacy Baker

Senior Program Manager

Tony Bodoh

Senior Strategist and Facilitator
Torch Award Winner Logo

Torch Award Logo

Better Business Bureau International Torch Award Winner

The Congruity Group is the proud recipient of two prestigious awards: the Regional Torch Award and the International Torch Awards for Ethics and Integrity. This local and international recognition demonstrates that our team of highly principled professionals is adhering to the core principles the company has set forth and are dedicated every day to doing what’s right for our customers and for each other.

Congruity Consultants

Kerrie Hoffman

Senior Consultant

Renee Citera

Senior Executive Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Executive Coaching, Management and Leadership, Strategic Sales and Account Management, Client Success and Engagement

Career Highlights: Starting my own consulting practice utilizing over 35 years of experience to help others grow in their roles and help their companies experience growth. Experiencing over 35 years in a variety of positions in sales, product, strategy, and General Management while creating a network of life-long friends and a library of life-long learnings.

Personal Interests: Family, golf, biking, walking, travel

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: Higher Education and its impact on a person and the world. I am the interim Board Chair of the St. Ambrose University Board of Trustees.

What I love about business: Watching people learn and grow as people and professionals and how that growth can be seen in the strength of their business relationships, and how that strength emboldens all for continued success.

Why Congruity? Because what we do is help people learn through building strong customer relationships, which helps both the company, their clients, and individuals grow and experience an evolution of success.

Gary Williams


Role: Vice President, Operations

Areas of Expertise: I hold a PhD in Leadership with a focus on both personal and organizational influence.  My greatest gift is my blend of infectious personality with a drive and passion for helping others reach goals and benchmarks that they never thought possible.  I approach situations and problems extremely pragmatically and have been successful in every professional setting in achieving personal and organizational improvements for all those I serve.

Career Highlights: Over 25 years of higher education administration with a recent transition into the corporate setting.  In 2019, I was tapped by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to lead a working group that partnered with the Disney Institute to create a customer service training program for small college athletic departments called GameDay the DIII Way that is still providing best practices to over 450 small college athletic departments across the country today.  I have been a guest on numerous podcasts as well as the creator of a social media messaging platform called #WednesdayWord.

Personal Interests: I am a Parrot Head by choice and am a loyal fan to all things Margaritaville.  I love to run and am an avid reader.  My guilty pleasure is professional wrestling! I have been a fan since I was a child and still enjoy it to this day (yes, I know it is scripted, but so are all your favorite reality shows, movies, and Hulu specials!!).  I even host a professional wrestling podcast with lifelong friends from back home in Milwaukee called Keep the Kayfabe.

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: I have extremely eclectic charitable causes and keep a very open mind as I see opportunities to share my time, talent, and treasure.  One that is currently most dear to me is my work with a local Dayton non-profit called Clothes that Work.  I volunteer with them to help create curriculum and facilitate presentations for local agencies who are helping adults get back into the workforce either after incarceration or a challenging life event.  

What I love about business: If you are doing it right, no day, problem, or person should ever be treated the same way every time.  Having a growth mindset is so critically important, especially with the pace of change we see in society, and striving for personal and organizational excellence is something that I hope to pursue on a daily basis.  In the end, what I love most about great business leaders is that the “scoreboard” of metrics rarely deceives you and it challenges you to be at the top of your game or else you will find yourself on the bench quickly.

Why Congruity? Companies are always in tune with the “bottom line” and while the work we do is focused on achieving those metrics, it is never at a cost to the top line of customer engagement and relationship building.  Creating significant and intentional relationships is a key component of the work that Congruity does and it has been a personal mantra of mine throughout my professional career.  To work for a company whose mission, values, and services completely align with my own philosophies and skills is truly a dream come true for me!

Shawn D. Dan

Role: Integrator

Areas of Expertise: Operational support for companies that run on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)®. 

Career Highlights: For more than 50% of my career, I have been working directly for the founder of that company in an operational role; an Inaugural Member of EOS® Integrator Masterclass Forum.

Personal Interests: As a recent empty nester, I’m building a lakeside home and plan to use repurposed materials when possible. 

What I love about business? The feeling when I observe a team gain new perspectives from each other and then achieve results. Personally learning from other’s experiences.

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton

Why Congruity? It starts with Betsy, a strong and selfless leader. The other team members share the same core values and tremendous passion for client work. It is a very caring work environment.

Marge Murphy

Role: Senior Strategist and Facilitator

Areas of Expertise: Business automation, organizational growth, strategic account management, customer retention, employee engagement

Career Highlights: Working with organizations to align sales and marketing process, create a team culture to support business growth, mentor employees to find their strengths and skills

Personal Interests: Family, health and fitness, spending time in nature, traveling the United States via RV, hosting gatherings, baseball.

What I love about business? Helping others achieve success, seeing projects from start to finish, providing perspective.

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: Dayton Food Bank, St. Vincent’s, inner city youth

Why Congruity? The conversations and sharing of ideas, clarity and focus, the energetic team environment, and the desire to make a difference.

Lonnie Essex

Role: Vice President, Sales

Areas of Expertise: Organizational development and growth, strategic accounts, customer relationship building, customer-first culture, productivity and efficiency

Career Highlights: Helping others grow into leaders, mentoring/coaching/teaching/storytelling, winning as a team, and a lifetime of learning

Personal Interests: Family and pets, no-recipe cooking (Kitchen Boss), Peruvian culture (we have a second home in Lima), genealogy, global travel and learning other cultures, Instagram, health and fitness

What I love about business? Helping others be successful, solving business challenges, making an impact!

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: St. Jude Hospital, OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue, veterans causes

Why Congruity? The team buzz, the culture of teamwork, and helping customers be successful!

Stacy Baker


Role: Senior Program Manager

Areas of Expertise: Event Planning, Marketing, Customer Success

Career Highlights: More than seven years’ experience managing donor and alumni relations programs to advance an institution’s mission. 

Personal Interests: Family and friends, foster care, volleyball, bowling, hidden gems, tropical destinations

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: CHOICES, Inc. and Brigid’s Path

What I love about business: Using my skills to help clients connect with their customers and advance their mission.

Why Congruity? I was drawn to the positive, family-first work environment that Betsy’s created. It’s a bonus that I’m passionate about the work that we do, helping our clients advance their mission by engaging their customers in meaningful and actionable conversation.

Juli Clark


Role: Chief Revenue Officer

Areas of Expertise: Customer success, sales management, and sales operations Career

Highlights: Creating and leading organizational transformations for multi-billion dollar tech firms and startups; establishing voice of the customer strategies via customer advisory boards; building highly engaged teams with strong retention and results.

Personal Interests: My family, my faith, and shopping!

What I love about business? Leading the development of strategies and frameworks that transform organizations and ultimately deliver a solid customer experience.

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: Hospice of Dayton – Not only were they incredible when my loved ones passed but my daughter is also a Hospice nurse. Newspring Church – I’m actively involved and we’re expanding in my city.

Why Congruity: I have seen firsthand the engagement and revenue lifts in my previous roles due to strongly executed advisory boards of which Congruity excels. My passion for customer success is a perfect fit for the Congruity business.

Gordon Galzerano

Role: Senior Strategist and Facilitator

Areas of Expertise: Voice of the customer programs, executive advisory boards, helping organizations attract, develop, and retain top talent.

Career Highlights: For over 30 years, Gordon has become recognized as an accomplished business leader in the IT industry. He is a strong advocate for helping organizations build a thriving, inclusive culture, optimize their go-to-market opportunities, accelerate employee productivity, and create customer-centric value for his clients. Gordon held leadership roles responsible for building, leading, and scaling Cisco’s Next-Generation Sales and Leadership programs to audiences worldwide. 

Personal Interests: Spending time with my family, watching sports, and playing golf.

What I love about business: Working with clients to create opportunities for them and solve business challenges.

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: Juvenile Diabetes Research FoundationAmerican Cancer Society, and local women shelters

Why Congruity? Amazing culture, amazing people, incredibly ethical and passionate about creating value for our clients.

Kerrie Hoffman

Role: Senior Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Business Transformation, Human Potential, Digital Business

Career Highlights: Co-Author of a #1 Best Seller (and International Best Seller) Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner Volume 3, CEO and Co-Founder of Get Digital Velocity, CEO of a FocalPoint Business Coaching Practice, 30+ years in Corporate America including several CIO roles.

Personal Interests: Family, Camping, Reading, and making jewelry components (someday these will be finished pieces).

What I love about business? I love working with companies to transition from their Legacy Pasts to their Digital Futures. It’s all about continuous transformation and igniting the human experience at work.

Why Congruity? We have exited the Industrial Age and entered The Next Age ™,and there is nothing more important than Extreme Customer Centricity. The Congruity Group is focused on their clients success in getting to know and service their customers to a very deep level which drives relevancy and growth.

Tony Bodoh

Role: Senior Strategist and Facilitator

Areas of Expertise: Customer experience strategy in service industries, especially hospitality, financial services, consulting, and training companies

Career Highlights: Tony Bodoh is an international speaker, three time best-selling author, consultant & coach to Fortune 1000 executives. He combines his expertise in human experience & business analytics to help companies create 5-star customer experiences that disrupt their competitors and earn them prestigious awards and rankings from J.D. Power, Temkin Group, ACSI, and TripAdvisor. In 2018 Tony was named one of the Top 16 Customer Service Movers and Shakers to Follow by the Miller Heiman Group. Beyond the boardroom, Tony provides highly-acclaimed mental performance training to Olympians, professional athletes, & the U.S. military.

Personal Interests: Personal development; reading/watching history, biographies, and sciences; and, cooking with my family.

What I love about business: I love the continuous challenge to innovate, disrupt, and transform. One must continuously seek to be his or her best self to be a leader in business. This challenge keeps life vibrant.

Why Congruity? The most successful disruptions and transformations happen in companies where the CEO and the C-suite are deeply engaged in the process. Congruity’s approach is exactly what is needed. In addition, it is rare to find a community of experts gathered in one organization like we have here at Congruity.

Dena Leisure

Role: Director, Operations

Areas of Expertise: Process Improvement, Sales Support, Marketing Management

Career Highlights: Nominee for The J. Willard Marriott Award of Excellence, Associate of the Year at the Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center, being promoted twice while I was on my honeymoon (I like to call it my super promotion!).

Personal Interests: Gardening, puzzles, showing my kids how beautiful this world of ours is, my two cats, and going on dates with my husband.

What I love about business? I have always enjoyed working with numbers and working in customer service. From scanning groceries as a teenager to working in the B2B sector, knowing my customers and clients succeed due in part to my efforts is truly rewarding work.

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: International Rett Syndrome Foundation, SISCA, and mikeroweWORKS Foundation

Why Congruity? B2B companies have special relationships in that they are working together to help their end users. When B2B companies work hand in hand they can see spectacular growth. Congruity is such a great partner in fostering these relationships and I love being part of that growth and success.

Melissa Marks

Role: Chief Experience Officer

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, Customer Engagement, Client Delivery

Career Highlights: My first published magazine article. Growing a marketing and design team from the ground-up for my former employer. Launching Customer Advisory Boards and seeing the outcomes.

Personal Interests: Spending time with my husband and two kids. Iced coffee. Music and mindless reality TV shows. Organizing, design, reading, and game nights with friends.

What I love about business: Networking with new people and hearing their story. Everyone has a story!

Your Nearest and Dearest Charitable Causes: Pink Ribbon Girls – Dayton, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Why Congruity? Betsy has created so much more than a solid business model at Congruity. As CEO, she emphasizes family first and work-life balance. The offices are beautiful. The team is smart and knows how to have fun. Just to name a few reasons!

Betsy Westhafer

Role: CEO and Owner

Areas of Expertise: Customer Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Career Highlights: Co-author of “The Rarest Advantage: How to Co-Create Strategic Value to Retain and Expand Your Key Customer Accounts” and a #1 Best Seller, “ProphetAbility, The Revealing Story of Why Companies Succeed, Fail, or Bounce Back.” Co-host of the podcast, “REALLY Know Your Customer.” Launched CongruityConnect – an AI-driven Digital Advisory Board platform.

Personal Interests: Family. Boating. Hiking. Being outside every chance I get. Oh, and family. (It truly deserves two mentions.)

What I love about business: I just love that business people have the power to grow world economies, create something from nothing, engage globally, and provide products and services that help people and companies thrive.

Why Congruity? My inspiration every morning is helping our clients grow. That is our mission here at Congruity, and it drives everything we do. As cliché as it may sound, our success is not only the success of our clients, but the success of our clients’ clients. As the leader of this organization, clients have my personal promise that we will always do everything we do with the goal of standing by their side to achieve their vision of outrageous success.