Industry Think Tanks

Picture this: a vibrant gathering of brilliant minds, a symphony of diverse perspectives, all converging to tackle industry challenges and trends head-on.

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before in a corporate setting, our Think Tanks take place annually, each session teeming with fresh energy and novel ideas. No two Think Tanks are ever the same, as we bring together a dynamic array of customer participants, ensuring a whirlwind of innovation every time.

Our expert team meticulously designs the meeting agenda, crafting an immersive experience that captivates and inspires. We facilitate the discussions, capturing invaluable insights and action items along the way. And when the brainstorming dust settles, we don’t just stop there. Next, we compile all the insights and ideas into a comprehensive follow-up report with a clear roadmap of actionable recommendations for next steps.

Whiteboard Think Tank Session

Frequently Asked Questions

An Industry Think Tank is a full-day forum for engaging industry thought leaders to dive deep into 3-4 topics in which you need key market insights. In these engagements, the host company, with help from Congruity, strategically recruits subject matter experts who have the ability to inform and influence your thinking and subsequent strategies.
Congruity works alongside clients to clearly identify the focus and desired outcomes for the Think Tank, and then executes a proven methodology for bringing the right industry leaders to the table. The key is to have a balance of perspectives.
As with all Congruity offerings, the topics covered will be more strategic in nature vs. feature/function types found in most focus groups. Topics may include such high-level conversations as industry trends and challenges, innovation, technology landscape, disruption forces, acquisitions, and the like.

At Congruity, we pride ourselves on doing as much of the heavy lifting as possible on behalf of our clients. With that in mind, we assemble teams on both sides to allow everyone the ability to use their time efficiently. Generally speaking, we form the internal team to include an Executive Champion, Executive Sponsor, Program Manager, and Logistics Coordinator. The working team meets weekly or bi-monthly depending upon the phase of the project, while the executive stakeholders are engaged as needed for strategic direction and decision-making. 

At the conclusion of the Think Tank, a full report is compiled and presented to the key stakeholders of the project. Within this report is an action plan based on the conversations, objectives, and vision for the future. From there, owners will be assigned to move the agreed-upon initiatives forward.

A Customer Think Tank is a creative and efficient way to gain critical market insight on topics that require a deep dive conversation. By engaging your customers to help explore new strategies and solutions, you not affirm you are moving the right direction, you also gain their trust and commitment as a company that truly has their customers’ best interests at heart. Ready to learn more?