Building a Protective Moat Around Your Business

by Betsy Westhafer

Featured in Velocity Magazine (Volume 26, 2024)

“Did you know 1 out of 26 customers will actually tell you when they are not happy. The rest are silently shopping.”

In this article, our CEO shares her expertise on creating a competitive advantage that incorporates your customers and is designed to protect your business. 

Now You Can Drive Internal Alignment and Executive Support to Elevate Strategic Customer Engagement

by Betsy Westhafer

Featured in Velocity Magazine (Volume 25, 2023)

Until now, it has been difficult to measure and monitor improvement with regard to strategic customer engagement. The Customer Engagement Assessment provides a comprehensive [score] that serves as a baseline from which to build a more robust, strategic, and consistent approach to elevating strategic customer engagement throughout the organization.

Read the full article to find out how the Customer Engagement Assessment is designed to help companies like yours get aligned as a team and to your market to drive greater results.

Elevating Executive Engagement via Strategic Customer Advisory Boards

by Betsy Westhafer

Featured in Velocity Magazine (Volume 24, 2022)

“Effective CABs are conversations, not presentations. The output should be key insights that help the host organization make better strategic decisions while also giving customers the opportunity to influence the direction of a key supplier.”

Learn about what a CAB is (and is NOT), the top five key benefits of launching a strategic Customer Advisory Board, how to assemble the perfect mix of board members, and what to discuss during your meetings. 

Customer Centricity in a Digital Age

by Betsy Westhafer

Featured in ENGAGE Magazine (March 2019)

While it’s vital for executive teams to engage directly with the decision makers of their key customers, sharing the customer feedback throughout the entire organization is where the real magic happens. 

How do you build customer centricity into the heart of an organization? Learn just how one major tech company did so by getting close to their customers through the creation of a Customer Advisory Board.