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Growing the company. It’s the CEO’s #1 priority. And yet oftentimes a gap exists between the strategies of the CEO and the demands of customers. This strategic gap slows growth and erodes your competitive edge while exposing your organization to unnecessary risks. By gaining a deep awareness and understanding of this chasm, CEOs can lead the charge to align the strategy, promises and experience to gain customer loyalty and advocacy and eliminate the friction that can open the door for a mass exodus to the competitor. If you’re in the C-Suite and concerned about the growth and velocity of your company, REALLY Know Your Customer is the podcast for you.

Let Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh be your guides to show you how to close the strategic gap that exists between your company and your customers. With insights from experienced executive-level guests, this podcast will change the way you think as a leader and will challenge your views on how to build a winning strategy supported by operations and tactics that leverage your key customer relationships.

Episode Blogs

Season #1, Episode #55: Building Loyalty In Micro-Moments With Your Customers With Mark Ross-Smith

  Meet Mark Ross-Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of StatusMatch.com. Mark joins Betsy and Tony on the podcast from Malaysia. As a self-proclaimed professional frequent flyer, Mark racked up more airline points than you can imagine as he built his former businesses. After he decided to move across the world, he asked the area’s major airline for a status match in their frequent flyer program. He was denied, but it led the way for his idea [...]

Season #1, Episode #54: Solving The Biggest Small Business Problem With Prashant Fuloria

Join us for a conversation with Prashant Fuloria, CEO of Fundbox, a working capital platform for small businesses. Did you know that 82% of small business failures are because of a cash flow gap or a working capital challenge? That’s where Fundbox comes in: to create solutions that level the playing field for small businesses and help them succeed. Although automation and user simplicity is essential to their product development, customer engagement is critical to [...]

Season #1, Episode #53: A Crucial Step On The Customer Journey: Retention And Churn Management With Tony Sternberg

  Meet Tony Sternberg, Co-Founder & CEO of ProsperStack, an automated retention platform for subscription businesses. Consider this: You’ve had it up to “here” with your streaming service and you call to cancel your subscription. ProsperStack partners with said streaming service to create a unique retention strategy for what happens next after you live chat or call the provider. It’s unique because the next subscriber will encounter a different experience based on their individual attributes, [...]

Season #1, Episode #52: 4 Rules For Improving The Customer Experience With Gail And Bruce Montgomery

  Meet Gail and Bruce Montgomery. They are the high-energy co-founders of ExperienceYes, a truly one-of-a-kind business, set out to bring fun into organizations that want to improve trust, relationship-building, and EQ to make higher-performing teams. With similar backgrounds in professional acting, singing, and dancing in New York City, they both made their way into the corporate world. Gail and Bruce found a way to bring these two very different worlds together in 2013 when they [...]

Season 1, Episode #51: Scaling Your Customer-Centric Culture As Your Business Evolves With “Fro”

  Scaling Your Customer-Centric Culture As Your Business Evolves With “Fro” Meet the man known as Fro, CEO of Beam Benefits. In 2012, Fro and his co-founders of Beam, a digital employee benefits company, developed and built the first-ever connected toothbrush. In a time when connective devices came to the forefront (think IoT products: Nest, FitBit), Beam quickly came to a fork in the road: take the path of least resistance and narrow their ambition, [...]

Episode #50: The Future Of CX Is Customer Journey Management With Jochem van der Veer

  Meet Jochem van der Veer, Co-Founder and CEO of TheyDo. His business is based on a simple yet sometimes impossible task for large organizations: breaking down processes to make it easier for C-level executives to connect with their customers. Traditionally, small and large organizations have focused on customer journey mapping. TheyDo has a strategic focus on customer journey management, an innovative strategy that creates alignment to what the company designs versus what the customer [...]

Season #1, Episode #49: REALLY Knowing The Learning Style Of Your Customer With David Ciccarelli

  Fun fact: 30% of the population learns by listening. Not-so-fun fact: If your website only offers written content, you could be leaving behind a big chunk of your target market simply because you’re not speaking the same language. Meet David Ciccarelli, CEO of Voices, a fast-growing online platform that connects buyers and sellers of one creative service: the human voice. He joins Betsy and Tony to share how he thinks a little differently about [...]

Season #1, Episode #48: The Transformation of Sales and Storytelling With Doug C. Brown

    It all starts with a story and believe it or not, Doug Brown has a lot of them. Starting with his first job at the young age of 3 when he was sweeping floors. Many years down the road, Doug is now helping companies achieve their top 1% of sales. Join us as Betsy and Tony get Doug’s unique perspective on the state of sales today. Sure, sales people used to push back [...]


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