ProphetAbility: The Revealing Story of Why Companies Succeed, Fail, or Bounce Back
The #1 best selling book by Tony Bodoh and Betsy Westhafer.

ProphetAbility is heralded as a “masterpiece” and a “Must Read” for CEOs and leaders who want to run a successful customer-centric business because it provides critical insights into the human experience that show what works, what doesn’t, and why.

ProphetAbility book cover

“This is a must read book for all – for customer-facing individuals, managers, managers of manager and leaders. The book delves in to situations where Companies make mistakes leading to a negative customer experience and loss of customer trust and provides a roadmap to resolving these issues. Using examples and stories, the authors focus on the importance of unfiltered listening, of empathizing with the customer and going over and beyond to create a positive experience leading to a deeper, more loyal relationship. A not to be missed book….”

Sabby Ray, COO of a reputed Financial Services company with 25+ years of experience
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“Tony and Betsy have been helping CEOs listen to their customers for nearly 20 years. Their book is a C-Suite Must Read.”

Tracy Hazzard, Innovation Columnist, Inc. Magazine

This book deserves a place on every executive’s desk to be read, reread, and frequently referred to. Pass up these ideas at your peril.

Mark S.A. Smith, Podcaster, Author, Business Growth Strategist

Truly one of the best business strategy books I have come across and a must-read for business leaders.

David Jacques, Customer Experience Management Pioneer

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