Episode #13: Using Better Customer Intelligence To Optimize Services With José A. González

Customer support is a big driver of customer success in the B2B sphere. In the B2C space, however, things can be more challenging as you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of customers daily.

Episode #12: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 2 With Mark S A Smith

Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh continue to discuss ways to reduce risk mitigation in Part 2 of their discussion with business growth strategist Mark S A Smith.

Episode #7: Be The Trusted Partner With Matthew Evetts

The shift to remote work is a challenge for most companies, but even more so for those whose company cultures are built on customer centricity and face-to-face communication.

Episode #15: Who Your Customers Are And Who They Aren’t With Jay Hornbuckle

Small businesses typically have a family-like dynamic that is often very crucial to their success. As soon as a business starts to scale and increase their workforce

Episode #11: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 1 With Mark S A Smith

It is natural for business owners to aim at producing the best products in their respective industries. After all, who would want to buy products that are sub-par

Episode #6: This Is How We Become World-Class With Joe Lynch

World-class entrepreneurs make a point of building really good customer relationships. Such relationships don’t happen automatically

Episode #3: You Have To Have EXTREME Customer Centricity With Kerrie Hoffman

The ability to get to know your customer in order to tailor your offerings to their interests is a skill that many businesses covet, but so few truly practice.

Episode #2: How Do We Grow Together? With Tim Hinckley

We are experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift in the world of retail. Retailers are struggling to cope with reduced sales, shop closures, and stagnant inventories