Episode #13: Using Better Customer Intelligence To Optimize Services With José A. González

Customer support is a big driver of customer success in the B2B sphere. In the B2C space, however, things can be more challenging as you’re dealing with hundreds to thousands of customers daily.

Episode #12: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 2 With Mark S A Smith

Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh continue to discuss ways to reduce risk mitigation in Part 2 of their discussion with business growth strategist Mark S A Smith.

Episode #7: Be The Trusted Partner With Matthew Evetts

The shift to remote work is a challenge for most companies, but even more so for those whose company cultures are built on customer centricity and face-to-face communication.

Episode #15: Who Your Customers Are And Who They Aren’t With Jay Hornbuckle

Small businesses typically have a family-like dynamic that is often very crucial to their success. As soon as a business starts to scale and increase their workforce

Episode #11: Making Your Product The Safest Choice, Part 1 With Mark S A Smith

It is natural for business owners to aim at producing the best products in their respective industries. After all, who would want to buy products that are sub-par

Episode #6: This Is How We Become World-Class With Joe Lynch

World-class entrepreneurs make a point of building really good customer relationships. Such relationships don’t happen automatically