The SAMA Podcast: Strengthening Strategic Relationships With Betsy Westhafer

The SAMA Podcast host Denise Freier, CEO and President of Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) interviews Betsy Westhafer, CEO of The Congruity Group.

Rather than thinking about what you could do, think about what you have done. Where do you feel you’ve made the greatest impact out of everything you have done? The Congruity Group’s CEO, Betsy Westhafer, found her forte when she realized that Customer Advisory Boards were her strongest suit. She sits with Denise Freier to tap into the undeniable power of the Strategic Customer Advisory Boards and the value of co-creating value with your customers.

Learn more in this SAMA Podcast episode as Betsy shares with us the best practices for designing strategic CABs and the pitfalls to avoid in executing them.

Listen to this episode online or wherever your find your favorite podcasts.

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