Ladies Leadership Coalition: Really Know Your Customers With Betsy Westhafer

Nicole Glenn, CEO of Candor Expedite interviews Betsy Westhafer, CEO of The Congruity Group, on Ladies Leadership Coalition podcast.

LLC host Nicole Glenn chats with multi-talented CEO Betsy Westhafer on everything from her entrepreneurial ventures, her mentorship work at the University of Dayton, her popular show REALLY Know Your Customer Podcast, to her bestselling books. Betsy’s entrepreneurial roots go back to her childhood – her first business was making and selling hair bows to moms of cheerleaders! She is now the CEO of The Congruity Group, where she ensures that all clients achieve and exceed the predetermined metrics for success from their customer engagement initiatives.

Betsy co-authored the #1 Bestselling book, ProphetAbility – The Revealing Story of Why Companies Succeed, Fail, or Bounce Back, as well as the newly released book, The Rarest Advantage – How to Co-Create Strategic Value to Retain and Grow Your Key Customer Accounts.

Watch Betsy’s interview with Nicole here:

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