KAMCon 2022: Unlocking the Power of Customer Value

Betsy Westhafer presents “How Executive Customer Advisory Boards Help Grow and Retain Your Key Accounts” to hundreds of Key Account Managers at KAMCon 2022 in Boulder, CO

Executive customer engagement matters now more than ever, and Betsy explains why during the annual event hosted by Kapta.

  • Why executive customer engagement matters now more than ever
  • What is an Executive Customer Advisory Board (CAB)
  • What a CAB is not
  • The Key Benefits of a CAB
  • Who Should be on Your CAB
  • Topics of Discussion in a CAB meeting
  • Questions a CAB answers
  • Keys to Success
  • How to Get Started with a CAB Initiative

For more information on KAMCon’s annual event, visit kapta.com/kamcon. To learn more about Customer Advisory Boards, contact Congruity Group.

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