Customer Engagement Assessment and Score

The Customer Engagement Assessment examines 8 critical areas of B2B customer engagement and the impact of your existing strategy and management. You will receive engagement scores for the 8 focus areas, as well as one comprehensive Customer Engagement Score that measures the effectiveness of your current approach. Taking this assessment and putting a strategy around the results will create an extreme competitive advantage. We recommend inviting at least 4 senior team members from different business areas to take this assessment twice a year. This will give you a more accurate baseline score across your company and ability to track the increase in your score over time.

Included in the Customer Engagement Assessment:

  • Comprehensive Customer Engagement Score
  • Engagement Scores for each of the eight focus areas
  • Customized Report of Findings, including Observations and Recommendations
  • 30-minute complimentary review of your results with a Congruity Engagement Strategist



Complete our Customer Engagement Assessment and receive your baseline scores as well as an in-depth report of observations and recommendations. In addition, you have the opportunity to review your results with a Congruity Customer Engagement Strategist. Please allow 1-2 days for results to be processed.

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