The Rarest Advantage: How to Co-Create Strategic Value to Retain and Expand Your Key Customer Accounts
 by  Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh

Recognized internationally as experts in executive customer engagement, authors Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh have come together again to bring their knowledge and expertise to C-Suites and Strategic Account Managers who strive to achieve exponential growth by co-creating value with their key customers. This book is for every organization that wants to grow by placing their customers at the center of all they do.

From the foreword, written by Denise Frier, President & CEO of SAMA: “Intensive customer co-discovery is paramount for co-creation of mutual value, and the most successful B2B suppliers are the ones that have figured out how to do it consistently. It’s even more important during these tumultuous times, when you’d be foolish to assume that your customer’s priorities are the same today as they were yesterday. Yet, as is so often the case, how to do so has proven elusive. Into the breach comes The Rarest Advantage with it’s practical, actionable method for co-creating value by leveraging the C-Suites of your own company and your customer’s.”

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Rarest Advantage

What Business Leaders are Saying About The Rarest Advantage

Golden Ball

“In The Rarest Advantage, Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh provide a roadmap for how to build deep, meaningful, value-led relationships that create win-win outcomes for you and your customers. They share a timely and insightful guide into critical tools like Customer Advisory Boards, executive engagement, and aligning with your customer’s goals. This book will help any customer-facing leader build a concrete and impactful customer engagement strategy.”

Alex Raymond, CEO of Kapta

“As a business owner, reading The Rarest Advantage showed me that I was analyzing my client relationships all wrong. It made me analyze my company, my team, my clients, and myself. While focused on leadership and bringing value as my primary role, this book helped me identify the changes I could bring to my company to make a grand impact. It allows you to review your processes with the do’s and don’ts to ensure you not only grow your business but bring success to the future direction of your company, your clients. Great read!”

Nicole Glenn, Founder and CEO, Candor Expedite

“Westhafer and Bodoh have distilled their decades of customer development expertise into a pragmatic and stepwise guide to building, cultivating, and institutionalizing strategic customer relationships. This is a must-read for members of the C-Suite who seek outsized growth and impact with their most important customers.”

Chris Kuenne, CEO, Rosemark

“In the Rarest Advantage, Betsy and Tony outline the process for ensuring a long-term strategic partnership with your key accounts. By connecting with the C-Suite of your most valued customers, and cultivating and developing relationships through well-managed Customer Advisory Boards, your organization can go from just being another vendor to being a key long-term, strategic advantage for your most valued customers. When you focus on helping your customer grow, you give yourself the opportunity to grow with them.”

Vincent C. Lewis, Associate Vice-President Entrepreneurial Initiatives, University of Dayton
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