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Growing the company. It’s the CEO’s #1 priority. And yet oftentimes a gap exists between the strategies of the CEO and the demands of customers. This strategic gap slows growth and erodes your competitive edge while exposing your organization to unnecessary risks. By gaining a deep awareness and understanding of this chasm, CEOs can lead the charge to align the strategy, promises and experience to gain customer loyalty and advocacy and eliminate the friction that can open the door for a mass exodus to the competitor. If you’re in the C-Suite and concerned about the growth and velocity of your company, REALLY Know Your Customer is the podcast for you.

Let Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh be your guides to show you how to close the strategic gap that exists between your company and your customers. With insights from experienced executive-level guests, this podcast will change the way you think as a leader and will challenge your views on how to build a winning strategy supported by operations and tactics that leverage your key customer relationships.

Episode Blogs

Season 1, Episode #41: Mastering Key Account Management With Alex Raymond

  Alex joins Betsy and Tony to talk about proper key account management. He shares his entrepreneurial journey and what he refers to as the “classic startup pivot”. About a decade ago, he formed Kapta, originally a Human Resources software business turned key account management platform. The pivot occurred after the Kapta team simply spoke to their customers. They initiated the customer discovery process and learned the customers weren’t struggling with HR software as much as visibility [...]

Season #1, Episode #40: The Business Value Of Driving Customer Behavior With Howard Tiersky

  Howard Tiersky, CEO and Founder of FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency has been working on big brands’ digital strategies before they were even on the internet. Over the past 30 years, Howard has become an expert in digital transformation and launched his own business 15 years ago, which now employs about 100 people. Howard shares his story about the company culture and the critical role the leadership team plays in setting the tone for [...]

Season #1, Episode #39: Understanding Your Company Vision And Scaling Your Business With Jacqueline Gamblin

  During this episode, Jackie talks to Betsy and Tony about her unexpected path to owning a successful Information Technology solutions company. From an entry-level position where she forgot to save her work on her first day (oops), to running a company with 150 employees, Jackie has stayed laser-focused on customers. Listen in to find out three critical things you should consider as you launch and strategize for scaling your business. The other half of [...]

Season #1, Episode #38: Positive Behavior Change With Lesley Bielby

Lesley Bielby is back. She recently returned to creative marketing agency, DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo), for the third time in her career. This time, she joins the team as Co-CEO and Chief Strategy Officer. Lesley shares her global career journey with Tony and Betsy, which includes major marketing agencies in cities like London, New York and Boston. DiGo recently redesigned their strategy to solely focus on positive behavior change in every part of their business: their [...]

Season #1, Episode #37: How One Company’s Key Differentiator Will Bring Them 10X The Brand Impact With Eddy Badrina

Betsy and Tony talk to Eddy Badrina about building his business and making a positive impact. Eddy has humbly worked his way from the George W. Bush administration to starting, selling, and buying back digital marketing agency, BuzzShift. His latest venture is leading Eden Green Technology as CEO. Prior to joining Eden Green Technology, Eddy knew he wanted his next venture to have three key components: 1. A hardware or software component, 2. Exponential impact and 3. Be a redemptive organization. To [...]

Season #1, Episode #36: Deepening Customer Relationships By Going Beyond NPS With Chris Kuenne

  On this episode, Chris Kuenne joins Betsy and Tony to share his 30+ year journey that started at Johnson & Johnson as a Franchise Marketing Director. He has since launched and sold a customer marketing business to Publicis for over $600MM. Chris also teaches a High Tech Entrepreneur course at Princeton University. His most recent stop on his entrepreneurial (and philanthropic) journey is at Rosemark, where he and his team are building quantitative personas [...]

Season #1, Episode #35: Understanding Customer Expectations With Nicole Glenn

  Nicole Glenn joins the podcast to describe her career path from the retail industry to a passionate entrepreneur and owner of Candor Expedite, a top woman-owned business in the transportation industry. Though Nicole shares that she never felt ready to be an entrepreneur, she has truly found her passion creating positive customer experiences and an engaging company culture that includes everything from happy hours to badass thank you cards and messages. Did we mention [...]

Season #1, Episode #34: Customer Centricity And Jobs To Be Done With Jay Haynes

  Join us for a conversation with Jay Haynes, CEO of thrv, the first and only jobs-to-be-done product management software, which is based upon the foundational work of Clayton Christensen. At the heart of everything Jay and thrv do, is customer centricity. As humans, our goals don’t change over time. For example, the need to get from point A to point B. It’s how we use technology to accomplish the steps in between that has changed. [...]


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