Operations may feel smooth and under control, and you may have long-lasting positive interactions with your top customers, but how can you be sure things will stay this way?

Customer relationships go much deeper than the ability to provide a mutual benefit (i.e., I sell you a product or service, and you buy it to fill a void). Customers can provide insights that your internal team may not see, share experiences and address similar challenges, and through gaining a stronger understanding of each other’s strategies, create smoother and more effective interactions.

How can your customer relationships be improved?

Many companies struggle to establish this deep level of relationship with their top customers equally. The company may consider a few of their customer relationships to be strong, while the others have room for growth. One approach to establish an ongoing positive relationship with your top customers is to invite them to serve on your Customer Advisory Board. Offering them a seat at your table will not only help strengthen your relationship with them, but through consistent and meaningful communication, ensure that it lasts.

What makes a CAB the best solution?

 Customer Advisory Boards have many benefits, including one primary benefit; the open dialogue they encourage. This forum allows for insights to be shared, giving the companies involved a peak behind the curtain of the host company. They also allow the host company to present themselves in a vulnerable manner to gain the trust and support of the customers with whom they are engaging. Through problem solving, strategizing, and peer-to-peer interaction, these relationships are sure to grow and last.