In 2002, marketers began utilizing the executive-level Customer Advisory Board (CAB) as a means of gaining a deeper, more strategic understanding of their customers and the markets they serve. By engaging with the executive leaders of their key accounts, host companies are able to facilitate deep dialogue that shines a light on where their customers are heading with their businesses, and align their marketing strategies to be on point with their future requirements.

An executive-level Customer Advisory Board should not be viewed as a one-off event but rather a long-term, cross-functional initiative spearheaded by the CEO. A CAB is intended to provide a level of focus on the customers that goes deeper with regard to the conversation and higher with regard to the level of customers with whom the host company is engaging.

Investing in customer relationships undoubtedly yields big results when it comes to future growth. By inviting a small group of key customers to have a seat at your table, you are in effect asking the people who pay for your products and services to become members of your team.

With access to the leadership team of their key suppliers, CAB members naturally become invested in the success of the business, and oftentimes become advocates of the brand because they have an understanding of and confidence in the roadmap ahead.

Some of the key Customer Advisory Board benefits include the ability to:

  • Gain a keen understanding of market conditions and how that impacts buying decisions
  • Enhance rapport with key customers
  • Drive loyalty – the best customers now have a seat at the table
  • Risk mitigation – validation that strategies are on point
  • Test new ideas and campaigns
  • Share learning of topics of mutual interest
  • Identify untapped sources of revenue
  • Create strong advocates for the brand and the organization
  • Discuss customers’ strategic priorities
  • Achieve internal team alignment around specific strategies
  • Innovate in collaboration with those for whom products and services are provided

There is an undeniable benefit to the executive team and the organization as a whole when marketers can provide this high-level, high-value insight directly from key decision makers. Our experience and outside research illustrates the following:

  • B2B host companies enjoy a double digit expansion in revenue-related activity among key accounts
  • 100% retention rate among participants
  • By increasing customer engagement, Gallup clients saw:
    • 25% increase in customer loyalty
    • 20 percentile-point increase in customer confidence
    • 66% higher sales growth
    • Branding and positioning feedback (50 percent)*

Betsy Westhafer HeadshotBetsy Westhafer is the CEO of The Congruity Group, an organization that helps mid-market and large companies gain strategic insights through the use of Executive Customer Advisory Boards. Betsy has worked with teams to design and facilitate customer advisory boards for companies including Dell, LexisNexis, VeriSign, Springer, Adobe, Lexia Learning, Beam Dental, and more. In this capacity, Betsy delivered advisory boards around the world including in the UAE, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Jordan, Mexico and throughout the United States. Schedule a call with Betsy to learn more about Customer Advisory Board benefits.